Lavender Milk Tea : Lavender Latte Recipe

lavender latte recipe

Before I met Matt, coffee only agreed to be coffee. I possibly could certainly distinguish bad coffee (what my parents call ‘from the barrel’) from excellent coffee, however i never made your time and effort to find it. After I appreciated to consume coffee – usually sometime mid-mid-day – it might be with lots of sugar and frequently milk, therefore the coffee itself hardly mattered. Above all else, I’ve always loved the odor of coffee – whether it is instant Folgers, gourmet Four Barrel, or perhaps an Italian cappuccino.

Within the morning, Matt will get track of me to create coffee. He usually brews a large pot (6 cups) within our drip coffee machine, though, recently, he’s been giving the Chemex a whirl. Have individuals attempted this unique invention? It brews the smoothest, creamiest coffee I’ve ever sampled! I pour my coffee right into a to-go cup and go beside me on the highway. For fun on saturday, we brew a level BIGGER (if you’re able to accept is as true!) pot and have a tendency to consume it during the day. I adore we’re coffee people?

Possibly, additionally to visiting eat, I additionally visit drink coffee. If given an chance to take a rest in the center of my day for just one single factor, I’d select a nice little coffee shop, a latte (with extra foam!) along with a sweet little something to nibble on. A sunny seat having a view doesn’t hurt, either. With different little Facebook poll Used to do yesterday, it may sound like lots of you out of trouble you will find coffee fans, and you’ve got some very specific tastes! So, it appeared like a great time to talk about this creation along with you.

lavender milk tea recipes

Actually, this lavender latte recipe was inspired with a recent business travel I required to Vancouver. I swear, I do not know where I’d do without Yelp, since it has assisted me travel just like a local on a lot of occasions. A fast look for breakfast places introduced up this fantastic place (where I additionally loved house made granola, fruit and yogurt). Frequently, after i get your meals at a brand new restaurant, I am not only inspired through the a few things i eat, however the a few things i don’t eat and pine after around the menu. During this situation, a sweet morning drink seemed overweight (I chosen an Americano) and also the cassoulet was too large to consume on my own. Alas, I came back home with hopes for a lavender latte, less sweet making with dried lavender flowers steeped in milk versus a syrup-based drink.

Earlier this Sunday, my day being more caffeinated than normal. We drawn the good ‘ol espresso maker, washed it as being best we’re able to, making some espresso. I steeped some dried lavender in milk, strained the leaves, then foamed the milk. One stir of sugar, which drink was the right sweetness for morning or mid-day. Be aware: you might get this to drink like a cappuccino!

For individuals individuals who’re wondering, I additionally hit a couple of other fabulous places in Vancouver, including Nelson and also the Seagull (a coffee shop I’m formally obsessive about), and Shizenya Sushi (organic brown grain sushi, yeah!). The stunning Jeannette from Everyone Likes Sandwiches sprang by to state hello and produce me an out-of-this-world Early Grey donut in my flight home, too!

lavender milk tea

Lavender Latte

{makes two lattes}

your preferred espresso beans (ideally not pre-ground, though you should use the pre-ground stuff should you not possess a coffee grinder in your own home) – enough to create 4 shots of espresso

1 – 1 1/2 glasses of low-fat milk

1 teaspoon of dried lavender flowers

To make lavender milk tea ..Lavender Latte Based on your coffee machine, you’ll need to make 4 shots of espresso (2 per mug). Add some milk and dried lavender flowers to some small soup pot and lightly warm it over really low heat. You shouldn’t boil the milk, just have it to some warm temperature. Once warmed, take away the milk in the heat and allow the lavender flowers steep inside it for around 5-ten minutes. Clearly, the more you steep the lavender, the more powerful the taste is going to be. Make use of a strainer to strain the dried lavender leaves and toss them. After you’ve made your espresso (or while it’s dripping, based on your machine), steam the strained milk. The nozzle of the steaming wand must barely use the milk. You shouldn’t just plunge it inside it’ll scorch the milk. For comfortable and fun you can use boba straws.

Divide the espresso between two mugs. Pour within the milk and scoop any other foam on the top. Serve with sugar, to taste.


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