How to Make Blackberry Parfait and Simple Salads

Blackberry Parfait

Within the mission for much better eating routine I am experimentation a great deal nowadays.  I am still eating my house-made granola in the morning but I am experimenting with methods to dress up and increase the fruit in: parfaits for any fun change.

What chose to make this particularly interesting was that I never one drop of milk-milk in the home, only soy milk. But guess what happens? It labored.  Well.  I started in the nuttiness from the soy flavor with the addition of just a little almond flavor combined with the vanilla within the custard sauce which complimented the nuts and walnuts within the granola. The blackberries then cut the richness from the custard to help make the whole factor perfectly-rounded lovely start the morning.  Gene ate his for dessert yesterday and loved it.

For your information to anybody within Springfield:  Cost Cutter has got the packages of blackberries that normally are available in at $3.99 on purchase for $1.00 a carton at this time and they are excellent.

I am also experimentation with salads for each meal and finding new choices for flavored drinks that are not packed with sugar and do not are available in my personal favorite red can.

club soda

I am consuming water and a lot of it, but let us face the facts, you will find occasions whenever you really crave something packed with flavor as well as carbonation.  So while I am restricting myself to 1 bubbly anything each day, (and under by using time may be the plan) I am looking for better options to my belovedly addictive Coke.  One solution ended up being to buy pomegranate and grape concentrates in the Nutrition store.  Each of them produced by the corporation, Tree of Existence, don’t have any added sugar or HFC’s.  There’s carbohydrates, natural sugars, obviously and my body system might find them as carbohydrates but there aren’t any chemicals or preservatives so for the moment Personally i think like they are a great substitute when I am really wanting the thought of a soda.

I really like the pomegranate and club soda mix but Gene hates it.  I believe he was planning on taste like pomagranate soda also it does not. It is extremely tart. It tells me of the much tarter Italian soda, also certainly one of my faves.

Next, I have been making salads to choose dinner every evening to try and power up our veggie consumption.  Okay, maybe to everybody else this can be a “duh” moment however for me it had been much more of an epiphany:  salads needn’t be complex to become good.

Several nights consecutively I simply tore up good leaf or butter (thanks Auntie Miranda!) lettuce, chopped a eco-friendly onion,  and put a fast hot dressing regarding this for wilted lettuce. We completely loved it every Night time.

Simple Salad

It is just torn lettuce along with a nicy juicy tomato which i thrown once we sitting lower to dinner with a few Paula Deen Vidalia Onion dressing (in the Cheddar Block on West Republic Road) however it was fresh and scrumptious.  We ate everything.

Err…so I have learned a lesson here.  Sure, spending 30 minutes in the cutting up board developing a complicated salad with each and every color within the crayon box is nice. Excellent. But simple is effective too.

Let’s focus on the custard recipe. I am unsure how you can label this.  Her components and manner of a pudding however it did not setup like this. I am unfamiliar with soy milk I am just learning so I’m not sure if that is due to it or something like that about generate income prepared it. This arrives a lot more like a thick, wealthy Sabayon.  Thick and creamy although not set just like a pudding or baked custard, a lot more like a custard sauce so perhaps that is what I’ll refer to it as.

This isn’t vegan but you can also make it so by forgetting the egg and upping the corn starch to two Tablespoons of.

Blackberry Parfaits with White Chocolate

To help make the custard sauce: In medium sauce pan combine

Whisk in

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