Lavender Milk Tea : Lavender Latte Recipe

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lavender latte recipe

Before I met Matt, coffee only agreed to be coffee. I possibly could certainly distinguish bad coffee (what my parents call ‘from the barrel’) from excellent coffee, however i never made your time and effort to find it. After I appreciated to consume coffee – usually sometime mid-mid-day – it might be with lots of sugar and frequently milk, therefore the coffee itself hardly mattered. Above all else, I’ve always loved the odor of coffee – whether it is instant Folgers, gourmet Four Barrel, or perhaps an Italian cappuccino.

Within the morning, Matt will get track of me to create coffee. He usually brews a large pot (6 cups) within our drip coffee machine, though, recently, he’s been giving the Chemex a whirl. Have individuals attempted this unique invention? It brews the smoothest, creamiest coffee I’ve ever sampled! I pour my coffee right into a to-go cup and…

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