How to Make Bubble Milk Tea


Bubble milk tea is among my personal favorite comfort drinks. I still remember how excited I had been once the first branch from the mid-day tea chain RBT, from Hong Kong, opened up in Beijing. I had been in junior high school in those days, and also the best drink I’d had at that time was instant coffee combined with hot milk. In those days, there have been far less restaurant options in Beijing, as well as less dessert and occasional places. For me personally, this wealthy and milky drink am wonderful and that i loved to munch the sweet little tapioca pearls. I visited RBT to savor this tea nearly every week but still like it even today. Bubble tea supplies i personally recommended LollicupStore. You can buy form there, they have tea zone brands also.

How you can Produce the Best Bubble Milk Tea

You’ll need black tea powder for the greatest texture and flavor. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but the most crucial factor to making a great milk teas are to brew a really strong tea having a limited quantity of water, so the drink have a wealthy, smooth and thick texture after adding milk. I attempted to really make it rich in quality black tea leaves, but doing this led to a skinny and plain drink. Nowadays, I mainly use top quality mixed black tea powder from Sri Lanka. Actually i like boba milk tea powder you can use it to make it perfect. It’s inexpensive in comparison to black tea leaves and contains produced the greatest results to date.

The following factor you’ll need is really a fine strainer. Since the tea powder is really small, so you’ll need a very fine strainer, such as the one you utilize to make greek yogurt. You are able to change it having a coffee filter, but it’ll take more time to strain the tea.

The final factor you’ll need is black tapioca pearls – dried tapioca balls about how big chickpeas. The dried ones possess a faded brown color and rubbery texture, but after boiling, they’ll become soft, soft, and black. It’s important to add sugar to marinate the pearls, since they’re flavorless on their own. Should you not have tapioca pearls, simply skip them. Milk tea without pearls continues to be very hearty and scrumptious.

For that dimensions within this recipe, you are able to slightly adjust the quantity of milk and pearls based on your palate. Generally, the number of tea to milk is 3:2 or 4:3. But if you’re not sure concerning the flavor from the tea you’re using, add milk gradually and blend well. The finished drink must have an easy caramel color.


Bubble milk tea continues to be my weekend mid-day routine for a long time and that i feel so happy whenever I drink it. What’s your preferred drink for any relaxing mid-day tea?



  1. Add 800 milliliters (27 oz .) water to some small pot and produce to some boil. Add tapioca pearls and boil for fifteen minutes. Switch off heat, cover, and let relaxation for fifteen minutes. Drain tapioca and transfer to some normal size bowl. Add cold water to pay for and permit to awesome for one minute. Drain tapioca again and transfer to normal size bowl. Add sugar and blend well having a small spoon. Let it marinate at 70 degrees for half an hour.
  2. 10 mins before tapioca is prepared, add 600 milliliters (20 oz .) water to some small pot and produce to some boil. Add black tea and simmer uncovered over medium low heat for five minutes. Stop heat and allow the tea steep, covered, for an additional a few minutes. Strain tea having a very fine colander or coffee filter.
  3. (Method One) For any hot drink – heat milk in microwave until warm. In every cup, give a large spoonful of tapioca pearls, black tea and milk (ratio 1:1 in order to taste). Add 1/2 tablespoon honey. Stir well and serve immediately.
  4. (Method Two) For any cold drink, mix chilled milk with black tea. Give a large spoonful of tapioca pearls to some large cup. Add milk tea, ice and honey to taste and stir well. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!!!

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