How to Make Bubble Tea Honey Peach

bubble tea

I had been first brought to bubble tea 2 years ago. A buddy had me to some tea house particularly to test it after discovering I had been a bubble tea virgin. You haven’t attempted bubble tea before? Wrong along with you? I had been initially very cautious about it, wondering why anybody would ever wish to drink tapioca pearls via a boba straw. We’re not tapioca pearls said to be restricted to puddings? Nonetheless, I collected up my courage and purchased myself a glass or two.

One sip altered my thoughts. I all of a sudden desired to put tapioca pearls in each and every drink imaginable. The pearls gave the bubble tea a texture which was unique and addicting.

Since that time, whenever I pass a store that sells them, I cannot resist buying myself a goody. Many people are hooked on coffee houses, I am hooked on bubble tea store. Fortunately in my banking account and regrettably for everybody else, bubble tea store are rare to find within the Midwest. However, as I have proven you before, they’re super easy and economical! to create in your own home.

Regrettably, large tapioca pearls are among individuals things that are difficult to find in supermarkets. You might place them within the worldwide aisle, but more frequently then not, they’ll elude both you and your searching eyes. Fortunately, bubble tea, tapioca are available in abundance at the local Asian market. If you cannot think it is there, or without having a nearby Asian market, bubble tea tapioca are available easily having a quick make an online search like

I have also seen the big tapioca pearls substituted with small jelly candies. Bubble teas are typically a minimal calorie drink but, if you do not mind upping the sugar content just a little, you can easily slice some fruit snacks or gummy bears and employ individuals instead of the tapioca pearls. It’s certainly a method to alter multiple flavors in a single drink.

bubble tea



To prepare the tapioca, stick to the directions around the package. Different brands of tapioca pearls prepare at different rates and need varied levels of water. I’d personally prepare up greater than 1/2 cup at any given time, they are able to require an hour or so to prepare and you will have enough pearls to create several bubble teas within the future. When cooked, drain the pearls and rinse with lukewarm water to get rid of the starch. In a tiny bowl, coat the tapioca pearls with two tablespoons honey. The tapioca pearls could be refrigerated for approximately three or four days, but they are best if used immediately.

Inside a blender, blend together the peach, black tea, milk, ice, and 1 tablespoon honey.

For everyone, place 1/4 cup of honey coated tapioca pearls inside a glass. Pour the bubble tea on the top and serve having a large bubble tea straw.


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